Just wish to say a huge thank you to @pst_tech who has sadly left us. You will be greatly missed, best of luck for the future #wontbethesame
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@TheProspect1 You are more than welcome, we'll be popping down soon for a refreshing pint with wifi via your super fast broadband. 😃📱😃
RT @TheProspect1: Thank you to @stdavidsit for your superb service and support! #HighlyRecommended
Programmer: "computers will take over the world!!" Engineer: "when they learn to wire their own plugs!!"

Welcome to St Davids IT

We are a talented team of individuals from a range of different backgrounds including IT support, Application Development, Database Administration and Graphic Design.

Originating from an in-house IT team for a large veterinary practice, we have rapidly grown in to an experienced IT company providing our clients support that is tailored to their own individual needs.

We love to help our clients with any query, from simple questions to brand new problems we are always here to help out and won't rest 'til the job is done!

If you want to make the most out of your IT investment, give us a call on 01392 872931 or email enquiriesgo away bots!!!@stdavids-it.co.uk to discuss your business needs.

St David's It Solutions are reliable, efficient and concise with their work.
The Team are easy to communicate with and always more than willing to help and advise on all matters.
Technical support is of huge importance to enable us to run our business smoothly, prior to contracting St David's IT Solutions we were constantly having issues with our computers and the support we received was minimal. Now we have St David's IT at the end of the phone, who can access our systems remotely or come out if required has greatly reduced the stress levels of our team and creates a more productive work place.

Amanda Smith

I am an ex-employee of one of the largest computer companies in the world, have run my own consultancy business and now support many small organisations. I have used St David’s IT Solutions since its birth. Whilst having just a small team their response to any request is amazingly prompt – extremely customer responsive. Their product knowledge is extensive, and they remain totally up to date with all software developments. Moreover, nothing is too challenging.

David Kohler

St David’s IT are instrumental to the way we work. Their excellent knowledge and experience mean that not only are they fantastic at what they do but their professional and approachable attitudes mean that our numerous and complicated requests get dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Nothing ever feels like it is too much trouble and they are always willing to go the extra mile to resolve any issues that we have.

Sarah Swan
Head of Marketing